Wednesday, March 18, 2020

4th Grade Homework Log for March 30-April 2-2020

               4th Grade Home Packet for Week of March 30-April 2-2020
SPELLING-New List for the Story-“Give Me, Liberty”-Prefixes-en and ex and Suffixes- -en and -ic. ****The list is in the packet.****

Assignments for Spelling:
Monday-3/30- Write all words 3 times each-one time in print and two times in cursive.
Tuesday-3/31-Write Sentences using each word one time. 
Wednesday-Thursday-April 1-2-Study words.

LANGUAGE-Types of Sentences:

Assignments for Language:
Monday-3/30-Lesson 31-Work-pages 145-146-147-148. 
Tuesday-3/31-Lesson 32-Work-pages 149-150-151-152. 
Wednesday-4/1-Work the Review on pages 153-154-155-156.
Thursday-4/2-Finish Review pages from Wednesday.

READING-New story-“Give Me, Liberty”.-The new vocabulary list and the comprehension questions are in the packet.

Assignments for Reading:
Monday-3/30- 1) Read the story-“Give Me, Liberty” on pages 468-481.  2) Read the poem-“Let Independence Ring” on pages 482-483          3)Read “The Thinkers behind the Declaration”-page-486. 
Tuesday-3/31-Answer the comprehension questions in the packet. This will add another reading of the story.
Wednesday-Thursday-4/1-4/2-Work the following Reading workbook pages-95-96; 97-98;99-100; 101-102; 105-106; 107-108. They include Reading, Spelling, and Language work.

MATH-Lesson 80; Review Test #15; Multiplication Review; Division Review.

Assignments for Math:
Monday-3/30-Lesson 80 Division with Zeros in Three-Digit Answers-Work Lesson Practice-page 511 (bottom) and 512 (top).  Also, work Written Practice-pages 512-513-#1-30. (Math Notebook)
Tuesday-3/31-Work Culminative Test 15-A and B for practice.
Wednesday-4/1-Work Multiplication Sheet.  Work the problems on another sheet of paper and transfer the answers to the work sheet.  Staple working sheet to original sheet.
Thursday-4/2-Work Division Sheet.  Work the problems on another sheet of paper and transfer the answers to the work sheet.  Staple working sheet to original sheet.

ALABAMA HISTORY-Completion of Chapter 9-Civil War; Begin Chapter 10-Reconstruction.
Assignments for History:
Monday-3/30-Open notes and open book test-Progress Check and Chapter Test 9.  These will count for a grade.
Tuesday-3/31-Read Chapter 10-A Time For Rebuilding-pages 209-217.
Wednesday-Thursday-4/1-4/2-Study the sheet-People from the Civil War-They have the cut and paste version of this.  I included a study sheet in case they had lost the other one.  We will have a test on this sheet-Tuesday-April 7.

SCIENCE-Skeletal System-

Assignments for Science:
Monday-Thursday-3/30-4/2-Many students need to retake the skeleton test on matching parts and on labeling the diagram. Therefore, they need to study, study, study. They have the study guides for these. I am including additional study sheets just in case.
Some students need to complete the worksheet packet-Your Skeleton-Diseases of the Skeleton-and Care for the Skeleton.  We did these in class on Monday-Tuesday-and Wednesday-March 16-17-18.  They have these sheets ( including extras for some just in case).  We will have an open notes test from these worksheets on Tuesday-April 7.

Friday, March 13, 2020

4th Grade Homework Log-March 16-20-2020

1) We are in need of the following school supplies in our class:
     Loose Leaf Paper,  Pencils,   Red Pens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thanks in 
2) Please remember the Book Fair is going on!!!  Send Money!!!!
3) Also-the SGA project of Caring For Kids-Fourth Grade is to bring Fruit Cups or Apple Sauce-individual packets-4-6-8 to the package.  Thanks!!!!
4) I am working on our yearly Groundwater Festival Field Trip to Wallace College and our annual field trip to the Capitol.  Waiting to see want the virus does to these plans.  We continue to keep you informed.


Spelling-Test from Paul Revere's Ride-Wednesday-March 18.

Reading-Vocabulary Test from Paul Revere's Ride-Wednesday-March 18.   Comprehension Test-Thursday-March 19.
*****They have everyday next week to say the poem from "Paul Revere's Ride".  Final grade recorded on Friday-March 20.

Language-Continuing with Types of Sentences.  All classwork.

Math-Monday-Lesson 78-#1-30.
          Tuesday-Lesson 79-#1-30.
          Wednesday-Lesson 80-#1-30.
          Thursday-Practice Test-15 A.  and Division Sheet.
           Friday-Test-15 B.   

Alabama History-We will complete our Civil War Unit.  All classwork.

Science-We will begin our Digestive System Unit.  They will receive study guides for the system.  

Thursday, March 5, 2020

4TH Grade Homework Log-March 9-13-2020

Upcoming Events-
March-12 Thursday-16 Tuesday-School Book Fair-Students have a flyer!!!
March 12-Spring Pictures.

Spelling-Test on Monday, March 9-Unit 3 Lesson 5.  They will get a new list for Unit 5-Lesson 1 on Monday.  That test will be March 16.

Language-Lessons #28-29-30-Types of Sentences.  Work in class and finish at home if needed.   Lessons-31-32-Complete Subjects and Predicates and Simple Subjects and Predicates.  Work in class and finish at home if needed.

Reading-Test on Monday, March 9-Unit 3 Lesson 5-My Diary from Here to There-They all needed study guides.  New story-Unit 5 Lesson 1-Paul Revere's Ride-They will have to learn the first two stanzas of this poem and say them aloud in class. They will receive a grade for the poem.  They will get a new vocabulary study guide on Monday-3/9,  Comprehension study guide on Wednesday 3/11.

Math-Monday-Practice Test 14 A-Work in class and check.
         Tuesday-Test 14 B.  Homework-Lesson 76-#1-30.
         Wednesday-Homework-Lesson 77# 1-30.
         Thursday-Homework-Lesson 78 #1-30.
         Friday-Homework-Lesson 79 #1-30.

Alabama History-Complete the Unit on the Civil War-All classwork.

Science-Test Friday-March 13-Human Body Skeleton-23 Bones.  They will have the bone names and will have to identify on a blank skeleton. 

Friday, February 28, 2020

4th Grade Homework Log-March 2-6-2020

Spelling Test-Monday-March 2-Hopes and Tears.  They will get new words after test.
                      Next test-Unit 3-Lesson 5-March 9.

Language-Comparing with Adjectives and Adverbs-All Classwork.

Reading-Test Monday-March 2-Hopes and Tears.  They will get new voc. list after test. Unit 3-Lesson 5-My Diary from Here to There.

Math-Monday-Ck. Lesson 71.  Homework-Lesson 72-#1-30.
          Tuesday-Homework-Lesson 73-#1-30.
           Wednesday-Homework-Lesson 74-#1-30.
           Thursday-Homework-Lesson 75-#1-30.
           Friday-Practice Test 14A.

Alabama History-We will continue our study of the Civil War.  All work will be done in class.  Test will be open notes and book.

Science-Skeletal System-They will get a copy of the skeleton and the bones they must learn.  Practice Test on Friday-Mar. 6.  Test-March 10 on labeling the skeleton.

Monday, February 24, 2020

4th Grade Homework Log-Feb. 24-28-2020

     (1) Please may sure your child is studying their Reading Vocabulary and Comprehension study guides each week.  Many, many of the Reading grades have dropped.  We fill out the study guides together and go over them multiple times in class.  Students may also use their Reading book when taking the comprehension part of the test.
     (2) Also, they have ample time at school to read their AR books, but most of them do not take advantage of this pleasure.  I will begin next week keeping them in at P.E. to read their book and hopefully make their goal.  You can check their progress at home! 
     (3) Many of the students are struggling with Math at this time.  I find part of that is due to lack of completing their Math homework, not asking questions in class, or not taking their time when doing their homework.  One of the biggest obstacles for many is the fact they do not know their multiplication basic facts.  This affects their understanding of the relationship between numbers and in the operations of multiplication and division.  I have been letting them use their Math Fact Sheet-"Cheat Sheet"-even on their test.  We always do a practice Math test and I work every one of the 20 problems on the board in class.  I then express to them to come and let me explain it to them individually.  We also underline or hi-lite key words to help us identify which operation to use.  Some ask for help; many do not!!!!!   Please remember to let me know of concerns, problems, or questions you may have!!!! Thank you for your continued support and help!! Ms. E

SPELLING-Test Monday-Feb. 24 on words from Fiona's Lace.
They will receive a new study guide for the next list of words on Monday from the new story-"Hopes and Tears-Ellis Island Voices"-That test will be on March 1.

LANGUAGE-Review on Adjectives, Articles, Adverbs, and Negatives.  We will have a test on these areas on Friday-Feb. 28. These skills are covered in their Language books from pages 89-112.  They also have additional practice sheets.

READING-Test Monday-Feb. 24 on Fiona's Lace.  They have the study guides for this story.  New story-"Hopes and Tears-Ellis Island Voices"-pages 284-300.  They will get new vocabulary list on Monday  and new comprehension study guide on Wednesday.  The test for the new story will be on March 1.

MATH-Monday-Check Lesson 69-from Friday-(we worked in                     class).   Homework-Lesson 70-#1-30.
           Tuesday-Check Lesson 70.  Work practice test 13-A in class
                          and check it.  Study for test on Thursday.
           Wednesday-Review for Test 13-B.  Work a 2-step division 
                              with remainders sheet for practice.   Study for 
                              test on Thursday.
            Thursday-Feb.27-TEST 13-B.  Homework-Lesson 71-1-30.
            Friday-Check Lesson 71.  Work on Division-2-step 
            with/without remainders.

ALABAMA HISTORY-Chapter 9-Civil War-
              Monday-Begin work on the salt dough map for the                                           Confederate States and their capitals. 
             Tuesday-Feb. 25-Test-Chapter Vocabulary-#1-12.
                We will continue to work on our map for a few days.                        The map will count as a project grade.  We will also                           continue to take notes on information from the chapter.

SCIENCE-Friday-Feb. 28-Vocabulary and System ID Test.  They                      already have the study guides for these.  We will                                begin our study of the Skeletal/Muscular Systems. They                    will receive additional study guides for these systems.                      We will make a paper skeleton in class.

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

4th Grade Homework Log-February 18-21-2020

                   4th Grade Homework Log-
Spelling-Study-Test-Monday-February 24.  They have the study guide.

Language-Lessons 21-23-Articles, Adverbs, Negatives-All classwork.  Extra sheets on all of these-classwork.

Reading-Story-"Fiona's Lace"-pages 264-279-They have the vocabulary study guide and will get the comprehension study guide on Wednesday-Feb. 19.  Test-Vocabulary and Comprehension-Monday-Feb. 24.

Math-Tuesday-Homework-Lesson 66-#1-30.
    Wednesday-Homework-Lesson 67-#1-30.
    Thursday-Homework-Lesson 68-#1-30.
    Friday-Homework-Lesson 69-#1-30.

Alabama History-Chapter 9-Civil War-Friday-Feb. 21-Test on Locating the 11 Confederate States on map and matching their capitals.  Tuesday-Feb. 25-Chapter 9 Voc. Test.  They have all of the study guides.

Science-Human Body-Vocabulary and Systems Test Friday-Feb. 28.  They have the study guides.

Friday, January 31, 2020

4th Grade Homework Log-February 3-7-2020

    Please make sure you check your child's take home folder with graded papers.  The Math grades are the ones I am most concerned about.  The majority of the students do not know their multiplication facts-even though they worked on them in 2nd-3rd-and 4th grades.  This is really going to affect their Math grade over the rest of this nine weeks and the last nine weeks.  We are doing a lot of work with multiplication and we have started our journey to long division.  Thanks for your help and support with this problem.

Spelling-New list-Unit 3 Lesson 1-(got on Friday)  Test-Friday-February 7.

Language-We will finish up Irregular Verbs this week.  All classwork.  They will have several study sheets.

Reading-New Story-Unit 3 Lesson 1-The Unbreakable Code-Vocabulary List-(got on Friday).  Will get comprehension study guide on Tuesday.  Test-Friday-February-7.

Math-Monday-Lesson 65-Division with two digit answers-Part 2.  Homework-pages 421-423. #-1-30.
Tuesday-Check Lesson 65 and work Practice Test-12A.
Wednesday-Check Practice Test-12A.  Work on Division with 2-digit answers using a worksheet.
Thursday-Test-12B.  Continue to work on Division with worksheets and board work.
Friday-Continue with Division with worksheets and board work.

Alabama History-The students will begin to present their facts from Chapter 8-Capitals of Alabama.  We continue this throughout the week.  We will complete the study guide for this chapter.

Science-Finish our Rock Section with the activity-My Pet Rock.
Thursday-Test on Continents and Oceans.